Jan 8th: Updates to theme will be posted soon

Jan 15th: New music page launched

Jan 16th: Regular posting will resume


1. Do you work for Disney?
No, but I want to apply for the Disney College Program this spring.

2. Do you make all these yourself?
Yes, unless otherwise stated.

3. What program do you use?
Photoshop CS6

4. What camera do you use?
Nikon D90 

5. What font do you use?
Arial, but it depends on the post. Message me if you have a specific font you’re interested in.

6. Where do you get your screencaps?
DisneyScreencaps or I use my own DVD’s

7. Who made your theme?
I made everything with my knowledge of html.

8. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
It’s a tie between Ariel and Rapunzel

9. Favorite Disney couple?
Rapunzel and Flynn. Read about it here.

10. Favorite Princess song?
When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2) - Tangled
I love that all her emotions were once bottled up in that tower and as she’s running, the song picks up, like she’s letting go of that weight.

11. Can I contact you outside of tumblr?
My email address is - thedisneygirl93 at gmail.com
Feel free to leave an email if you’ve got any questions. 

12. What font did you use in your PetiteTiaras banner?
It’s called Nouvelle Vague

13. Can we suggest ideas?
Of course, message me.

14. Do you follow back?
I try not to follow non-Disney blogs on this account.  

15. How come you didn’t complete my request?
There’s a lot of requests that come in every day. I wish I could make graphics all day, but I simply cannot with the schedule that I have. I try to be as fair as I can.  

16. Can I post your graphics outside of Tumblr?
No you may not, unless I am given full credit or a link back. You can also report if you’ve seen any stolen graphics.