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At first, Pocahontas wanted to chase after the settlers, but then she found a little mermaid. 

With Ariel’s birthday fast approaching, the girls pitch in to bake her favorite pie. Cinderella and Belle look up the world famous recipe in a cook book. Tiana and Aurora pick the freshest berries to compliment the pie. Rapunzel and Snow White bake endlessly until it’s just right. Meanwhile, Mulan and Pocahontas decorate the palace for the big party. Little did they know, Ariel was more fascinated with the fork than the pie. 

day 15: two princes who would be best buds

Naveen and Flynn are two charismatic peas in a pod. Both want the money, but would rather get the girl (even if it wasn’t love at first sight). Plus, I believe they could help each other out in certain situations. For instance, Flynn’s street smarts can really come in handy because Naveen was sheltered his whole life. 

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